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Planned Maintenance

Our technicians estimate that 82% of the repairs they see may have been eliminated or reduced by a regular tune-up program. Much like you maintaining your car, it pays to keep your home’s most expensive and complex appliance (not to mention potentially dangerous) in its peak operating condition.

Changing your air filters monthly is a step in the right direction, but it just isn’t enough. Modern HVAC systems have an advanced electronic system which requires cleaning and inspection from the inside out to ensure that every piece is properly calibrated and running efficiently; A task best left to a trained professional. You can ensure the protection of your home and family and receive these incredible benefits by becoming a valued Club Member.

Electric heaters use a different process for heating homes and tend to be much more energy efficient. Electric heaters merely pass energy through a conductor converting electrical energy into heat. These heaters will break much less often they are typically very reliable. It is important to know which type of electric heater you have, there are a few different types. When an electric heater breaks down it can be caused by loose wiring going to the heater, a tripped circuit breaker, or a defective heating element inside the heater.

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